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3 free minutes
+ Discount 25% OFF.
Type of Reading
Telephone, online chat.

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Introductory Offers
$1 per minute.
Type of Reading
chat readings via app.


Introductory Offers
Free chat reading.
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Live video chat.


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50% OFF
+ 4 free minutes.
Type of Reading
Telephone, online chat.

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Top 5 Networks Offering Best Psychic Chat Rooms

#1: Kasamba – Get 1 free psychic question answered

Kasamba – Get 1 free psychic question answered

Reasons to visit:

  • One of most trusted psychic sites
  • Contact an advisor via real-time chat online, phone, and email
  • First 3 free minutes + 50% off for new clients
  • A large base of psychic advisors
  • Secure, private, and anonymous
  • 2 payment methods: PayPal & credit card

This network is well-known for offering best psychic readings free online chat love and relationship.

What I feel quite impressed with Kasamba is the fact they give 3 free minutes at the beginning of a private session for both newcomers and regular clients. The first-time visitors also get the special introductory rate of $1/min. and a discount up to 50% OFF in their first reading.

Compared to other psychic sites, Kasamba has delivered such a fantastic deal.

If you are looking for a live chat with psychic free, this is the ultimate place.

You will find a vast selection of professionals conducted psychic readings over the phone or through online chat. The only downside of Kasamba is: they lack the screening process, so you must be very cautious in selecting a psychic.

Visit Kasamba site

#2: California Psychics – Best free psychic love reading online chat

California  Psychics – Best free psychic love reading online chat

Reasons to visit:

  • One of longest running psychic sites with 20+ years in the business
  • Low introductory rate: $1 per minute
  • Best love & relationship experts
  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • Satisfaction guarantee

This network was founded in 1995 and has been in the psychic reading industry for 24 years. Over two decades, they have provided thousands of readings and guided plenty of people from all around the world to the path of happiness and peace.

The professionals from California Psychics can shed light into a variety of different areas, such as self-awareness, love & relationships, finances, and health.

For many years, the company has gained the reputation in phone psychic readings; recently, they have offered chat and messaging readings using the app.

About 300+ advisors active on this network, which means they deliver many types of readings. Feel comfortable to ask them about different topics, especially the issues or urgent questions you are longing for the answer. They specialize in dream analysis, astrology, numerology, Tarot reading, and more.

In your first time visiting California Psychics, the reading will start at a low rate: $1 per minute. Before using the service, you need to register and select the psychic suitable most to your need.

To buy a package, you have 3 options: 30 minutes, 20 minutes or 10 minutes.

Call NOW: (866) 552-3943

Visit California Psychics site

#3: Oranum – Free psychic chat rooms no credit card

Oranum – Free psychic chat rooms no credit card

Reasons to visit:

  • Real free chat readings without limit
  • The first place offering live video chat
  • Low rate: $1 per minute
  • Email support available
  • 24/7 customer service

Are you confused about your love life?

Look for a quick prediction regarding your career?

Go to Oranum and you will attain fast responses from only genuine psychics!

This spiritual community has a huge selection of psychic advisors from all over the world and available 24/7. At any certain time, they can offer you free legit psychic reading via chat rooms. Complete the registration for one free account no credit card needed to proceed and then start explore.

What makes Oranum unique is the webcam platform!

Access any psychic chat room and ask 1 free psychic question answered. If you don’t really like the current reader’s style of reading, stop the session politely and contact to another one.

You only have to pay once entering a private session.

Visit Oranum site

#4: LifeReader – Best live chat with psychic free

LifeReader – Best live chat with psychic free

Reasons to visit:

  • Psychic chat with 4 free minutes
  • Ways of communication: phone, online chat, and email
  • Very low introductory rate: $0.19 per minute within 10 minutes
  • Detailed psychic profiles

Get free psychic instant messaging with LifeReader psychic advisors!

Of all reputable networks available on the marketplace, this company offers the best deal when it comes to the introductory offer (only $0.19 per minute). The website has a simple interface for easy navigation; also, new visitors will be provided a list of FAQs to approach psychic readings efficiently.

It’s quite disappointing that LifeReader lacks phone customer service and does not have satisfaction guarantee.

Access this psychic network and contact a legit advisor for one free psychic text chat in 4 minutes or a 10 minute reading for just $0.19/min.

Visit LifeReader site

#5: Psychic Source – First reading with free psychic instant messaging

Psychic Source – First reading with free psychic instant messaging

Reasons to visit:

  • The longest running network with 30 years of experience
  • Various ways of communication: phone, online chat, video and by email
  • $1 per minute in the first reading
  • Free 3 first minutes
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Talking about Psychic Source, you don’t have to worry about anything.

The company is the home of numerous precise and terrific spiritual advisors. If you don’t know where to ask for guidance, Psychic Source is definitely the first spot in the list of top psychic networks. Access this site to experience an exceptional customer service and interact with psychics of various abilities.

For all new clients, aside from the low introductory rate and 3 free minutes, you will get asked to buy one out of 3 packages with special deals after signing up:

  • $10 for a 10-minute reading
  • $20 for a 20-minute reading
  • $30 for a 30-minute reading

Free daily & monthly horoscope service is available to all visitors.

What Should You Know about a Psychic Reading?

For those who are feeling confused, worried, or anxious about anything, getting a psychic chat reading is a great way to find peace of mind.

One live chat with psychic free will give you insight into your future and all of your possibilities in life as well.

After all, people often say that everything happens for a reason; thus, having an online psychic chat will help you realize why you had such a terrible week or why you seemed to have a good connection with your new colleagues.

The thing is: the psychic reading has many different versions.

When it comes to psychic chat readings, some usually think of a stereotypical gypsy wagon, several mysterious items, and a witch-alike lady staring at a crystal ball; actually this concept is wrong.

Nowadays, it’s easy for one to experience an online psychic chat or a free reading by phone. No need to visit a spiritual advisor in person; instead, you now can interact with them and gain insight about your future using your fingertips.

For your most convenience, free psychic readings will be done on all platforms (by phone, through online chat or live video, and even by email).

Which type will be your preferred method?

Benefits of Online Psychic Readings

Explore your possibilities with best psychic chat roomsExplore your possibilities with best psychic chat rooms.

We are living in the 21st century as well as in the digital era, so seeking out an advisor online is no longer a difficulty.

In the past, visiting the gypsy wagon is the only method that helps people gain insight and direction about their future. Fortunately, aside from the traditional readings, it’s now much easier to access an online psychic chat.

Keep in mind that truly gifted psychics won’t serve for free!

Once asking for a reading, you will get charged and the rate depends on the psychic (capacity, skills, experience, etc.) As a matter of fact, you will get what you pay for; for example, the session with an elite expert may cost you expensively yet what you attain in return is really worth your investment.

However, it doesn’t mean you cannot find free psychic chat rooms no credit card.

People don’t want to pay much money on something that they are not certain; therefore, some places offer free minutes or free trials which help new clients test the service of whether it is genuine or just a scam.

How beneficial when talking to online psychics?

1. Introductory offers

Of course, not all psychics are willing to deliver free online chat readings; instead, they come with some special offers making sure you feel secure and happy.

Particularly, there are a few places offering the introductory rate to their newcomers – this means you can get a private reading at a very low price (at least $1 per minute); on the other hand, some networks have free psychic chat rooms no credit card where you can ask the expert any question free of charge.

On special occasions, a couple of online advisors also deliver the free-mium psychic reading service. At the beginning of the session, you’ll be givenfew minutes completely free, and you need to pay after that if wanting to obtain more clarity and information about your destiny.

In need of a quick answer to any aspect of your life?

Then one free psychic instant messaging chat is the ultimate option and can even calm your nerve.

2. Responses in a flash

Making an appointment for a face-to-face reading with a reliable psychic usually takes a lot of time. You have to arrange your schedule to suit the appointment, and your advisor must be available which is the most importance.

Overall, all you need is just to connect with a trustworthy, reliable psychic.

That’s why the research for ‘best psychic advisor near me’ can cost you a large amount of time, or you may end up being ripped off.

For some, waiting weeks for a traditional one-on-one reading is not a precise option. Guess what? I highly recommend you to consider trying psychic readings online.

Why is it the perfect solution?

What I like most about this kind of service is that online psychics are available most of the time. So no matter which situation you are in, they will give you the assistance and clarity within mere minutes. Most people can’t accept the fact they have to wait a long time for the closure over their anxiety.

Rather than spending time looking for a local psychic, you are able to learn more with a qualified advisor online.

3. Accurate and truthful

Seeing a psychic advisor in person will give you spiritual energy and connection during the reading session. This help you interact with the psychic lines smoothly and figure out if the person you are asking for advice is authentic and legitimate.

On the contrary, getting a psychic chat online means you have to put your faith in the hands of someone you know nothing about.

It’s not easy to place your trust and sanity in an online psychic expert, especially if you are a skeptic. But, after all, it turns down to each individual’s stance on receiving psychic readings online.

For some, free psychic text chat is just a tool that helps fake psychics scam people to get money; they believe those who have no experience in offering free trials just say nonsense and take your trust for granted. For others however, psychic readings can conducted via the Internet and a real, intuitive advisor enables to deliver an accurate reading despite the long distance.

In fact, a genuine psychic reading will give you the chance to tap into your connection with the spirit world without the need of seeing you in person or hearing your voice directly.

In Conclusion

If you are considering having a psychic reading for the very first time, then it’s great to start up with the best psychic directory.

By finding top-rated reputable networks having best psychic chat rooms, you can take full advantage of all online advisors’ special offers and determine whether or not they are legitimate.

Getting 1 free psychic question answered does not seem as misleading as you’ve thought before.

You can find lots of psychic reading websites and readers operating online that help you complete your spiritual journey peacefully.

Aside from meeting a psychic in person and speak to them face to face, it’s much comfortable to experience a live chat with psychic free on the web, or don’t mind calling your psychic for a quick answer.

Depending on your preference, you’ll find a reading of your own.