How To Read Hand Lines In Marriage?

Being used as a traditional method for analyzing one’s traits and future, palmistry (known as palm reading) is also believed can predict the love life and marriage accurately. Usually before having a reading, the seekers must choose the dominant hand. Then, the palm reader will look at the lines on your palm to interpret the hidden meanings. So, how to read hand lines in marriage? Here, in this post, we think it must be useful if giving you brief information about the marriage line (the Lines of Union or the Lines of Affection).

How To Read Hand Lines In Marriage?

Now, pay attention to your active hand! The marriage line locates between the base of the pinky finger and the heart line. This line, which’s different from the love line, can foretell about an individual’s marital life. It predicts the love and affection of you and your partner. If this marriage line is clear, your matrimony will be successful and romantic.

Finding Your Marriage Lines

As you all know, no one, in this world, has the same type of lines. So, in this section, we will offer you several situations. Take a look and consider which one is yours:

Your marriage line:

    • Go down and cut your heart line – Well, your marital life might have a big hole. There might be an issue between you and your partner in the future.
    • Long and crossed with a vertical line under the ring finger – You will have a brilliant marriage with a wealthy person. After that, you’ll be rich. Or if your husband or wife is not currently rich, both of you get wealthy in the near future.
    • Lots of short lines – You are in one-sided love, and you’ll always be.
    • The lines are crossed – You are looking for a new partner at this moment.
    • Split end – Now, in this case, we need to consider the ‘divorce line’. Why? You and your lover might end up the relationship in separate ways.
    • Split marriage lines, and after splitting, you get another line – You and one of your ex (can’t determine clearly) will get back together and get married. You tend to bring back the memories and your past relationships.
Palm Reading Marriage Line
  • Two or more marriage lines become one – You don’t want to get married right away even you have a long relationship. If your partner has the same palm, please don’t rush him, or there might be difficulties between you two.
  • The top of the marriage line has many vertical lines – You, especially men, have a lot of sexual desire towards the partner.
  • Island on the marriage line – You tend to be attracted to taboos or forbidden romance. Also, you might be into abnormal sexuality.
  • Have no marriage lines – You’re not ready for the marital life in the reality at this point. Maybe you’re focusing on career and hobby, or you just don’t have any interest in the partner.