Is Palm Reading Accurate?

‘The fate is in your hand’ – that’s a saying of the ancient people when mentioning Palmistry (or also known as Chiromancy). For centuries, in different cultures, palm reading is a popular method that can predict a person’s future and personalities by analyzing his palm. So, the question is – is palm reading accurate? In the old days, based on the Line and the Mount on the palm, this method was used to foretell an individual’s horoscope even it’s accurate or not. Nowadays, palm reading is still a common fortunetelling technique, especially in Asian countries (China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong).

Identify the Dominant Hand for the Palm Reading

Is Palm Reading Accurate?

Most people, in this universe, have no identical lines and creases on both of their hands. So, how do one know which hand should be used during the reading? In fact, each hand has different mysteries and messages to uncover. However, the palm readers usually rely on their special rule – Age and Gender rule – to deliver an accurate reading to the seekers.

Male: If you are less than 30 years old, please use the left hand for the palm reading. Sometimes, the reader might ask you to use the right hand for supplementing and analyzing, if needed. In case you are more than 30 years old, just do the opposite way.

Female: On the contrary, if a woman is less than 30 years old, she’ll use the right hand for the main reading and the left hand for analyzing or complementing, if needed. If she’s more than 30 years old, please do the opposite way.

Additional, people usually say that a man’s left hand indicates how he was born (physically and materially), containing his family and heritage. And, the right hand represents for what he’ll become after grown up, consisting his health, social relationship, etc. In the reverse side, for a woman, there are few slight changes. The left hand is believed as the ‘grown to be’ hand, and the right hand is the ‘born to be’ hand.

Is Palm Reading Accurate?

The mysteries in Palm Reading – keep in mind that identifying the major hand for the reading session is the most basic step we must fulfill. Now, take a careful look at your hands! One hand will be considered as the active hand (dominant hand), while another one is seen as the passive hand.

Normally, the dominant hand includes some common inherited characteristics used to determine one’s destiny and future. When getting Palmistry, besides the lines, the creases, and the mounts, the readers must consider other factors, such as the palm’s shape and size, the lines’ meanings, the wrinkles, and the empty spaces.