Palmistry Lines Of Travel Abroad

Do the palm reading is really interesting! You can find whatever you need i.e. your life, your health, your fortune, and your wealth. Most of all, you have a chance to know whether or not you’ll spend your whole life in traveling abroad. It’s called the traveling line! On the palm, there’re many types of traveling line. If you take a look at the Palmistry Lines of Travel Abroad topic, you’ll soon discover:

    • Line going upwards from the 1st line of your wrist.
    • Line beginning from the Life line and going to the Mount of Lower Moon.
How To Do Palm Reading For Traveling Abroad
  • Line starting from the Mount of Lower Moon and heading towards the Life line.
  • Line starting from the Mount of Lower Mars, meeting the Life line, and finally going towards the Mount of Rahu.
  • Lines lying on the Mount of Lower Moon.
  • Line beginning from the Mount of Upper Mars and going towards the Mount of Sun.
  • Besides looking the lines, the psychics can also predict the traveling abroad base on Sun, Fate, and Head lines.

So, do you have traveling line? If you do not have any above signs on your palm, please see the remedies below.

Ways To Increase Your Chance Of Going Abroad

    • Remember to wear a white crystal bead around your neck on Friday each week to gather the luck.
Palm Reading
  • If you can’t wear the bead, you can try putting a silver ring (inside must have white crystal) on your ring finger.
  • Wear that ring on Monday or Friday every week to gather all the benefit and luck.
  • Clean and slice saffron, and then, apply it to your belly. This traditional remedy can increase the chance of traveling abroad.
  • Wear 5 moonstones on the right hand on Monday.
  • Stop eating salt on Fridays.
  • Don’t forget to bury silver in front of the entrance door.

According to the palmist readers, the traveling line plays a special role in looking for a person’s traveling experience. This line denotes to any type of travel i.e. it could be air travel, sea travel, or even travel on foot. If you really care about going abroad, try to consider all remedies above. Who knows a great chance will come to you right after doing these instructions! However, you must do the palm reading first to have a clear vision.