Palm Reading Money Line

Where you can find you money line? In palm readings, the line is under your ring finger is the money line (fame line or wealth line). To know your financial status at the present and past, most people find palm readers. By looking the lines on your hand palm, they’ll provide needful information as well as the way to help you accumulate money. Want to know how to do the palm reading? Take a look at this article: Palm Reading Money Line!

How To Read Your Money Line

Obviously, people around the world don’t have the same palm lines, so that their destiny will also be different. Let’s see which line you belong to!

Money Lines

1/ Many short lines: In your hand palm, if you can find lots of short money lines, it means you don’t treasure the money. Or we can say you tend to be wasteful and careless with your money. Mostly, you use it not only for yourself, but also spend it for your family and friends. However, be careful when using many credit cards, or you might lose some of them. You may want to hire someone to manage your finance to be safe.

2/ Long and clear line: The average line starts under the ring finger and ends at the hear line. About money, you don’t need to worry much. That person is extremely careful in the saving problem.

3/ Have a shorter line than the average one or don’t have money line: You don’t feel anything special or don’t have much desire for money. You work to earn money, but you don’t care how much you make. Now, if you make a change in your career, it may be better for your routine life.

4/ Curvy lean towards the pinky finger: You find luck in money with your hobby. Keep doing what you are doing, or you can look for something relating to illustrating, designing, and composing to save more money.

5/ The sun line is in the middle of the palm, and the money line goes towards the sun line to create a triangle: If you’re in this case, you’re (or will be) a millionaire. You have the best luck with money. Even if you have no interest in money, it’ll also automatically find you. Why don’t you take this chance to manage a new business? You’ll be even richer than what you’ve imagined.

Money Triangle

6/ Begins under the pinky finger and ends in the middle of the palm: the clearer the line is, the luckier you get. As long as you work hard for something, you’ll receive the same. Once you own money, you can make more than that.

7/ An island is in your palm: you have some troubles with the financial state. You shouldn’t use much money or spend it for stock exchange. You may need a large amount of money to pay for what you’ve wasted.