Palmistry Lines Of Wealth

If the Western more focuses on the star signs to predict people’s destiny, the East believes that the human body can give it all the vital answers.

4 Main Lines In Palm

Specifically, the psychics in Chinese tend to look for people’s hand. They’re sure they can find the sign of wealth hidden in the lines of each person’s hand. Lines in the palm show lots of information how is your financial state at this moment and how successful can you be in the future. To get a closer look, here, we provide the detail of palmistry lines of wealth. Keep reading to understand this field!

The lines, marks, and indentations reflect each person’s body, soul, and spirit. The Chinese believes that there’s a connection between your hand and your body, soul, and mind. All hands are divided according to 5 major elements – Wood, Earth, Fire, Water, and Metal. By knowing which element your hand belongs, the psychic can easily give insights into your characteristics and attitudes.

Discover Wealth Lines On Your Palm

Wealth Lines

There’re 4 main lines on both of your hands: the Head line, the Fate line, the Life line, and the Heart line. And, your Wealth line will appear when connecting all the major lines. Actually, the money line does not say how much money you will earn. Rather than that, it reveals how wealthy you are or you will be in the future. Based on the information, the psychic will tell you the way to accumulate the assets from that moment. Below here, these are the lines that tell you about your wealth potential, let’s look for them:

1/ If a line starts from the base of your thumb: you’ll inherit an amount of money from your family’s allowance or somewhere.

2/ A line starts from the base of your thumb and ends at the ring finger: you’re a lucky person. Maybe you’ll win a lottery or receive the profit from the partnership project in the future.

3/ A lines starts from the base of your thumb and extends to the middle finger: you’ll be very successful in your career. You can earn lots of money in business.

4/ A lines starts from the base of your thumb and extends to the index finger: you have a brilliant talent for making money; especially you can earn money from various fields

5/ If you can extend far out from your thumb to the index finger, this means you don’t care much about money and tend to spend it easily. However, if you find it hard to stretch out these 2 fingertips, seems like you’re a thrifty person.