What The Lines On Your Palm Mean?

What The Lines On Your Palm Mean

Palmistry has been always seen as the art of foretelling the future or characterizing one’s life events through interpreting each palm line. When it comes to reading palm lines’ meanings, although there are surely a lot of techniques and variations available out there, we’re able to brush up on our skills by getting acquainted with our three major lines in palm, including the life line, head line, and heart line. Once identifying such the three lines on each of our hands successfully, we may get started on analyzing their various and exciting meanings.

Dig Deep Into The Meanings Of Each Pivotal Palm Line

The Heart line:

This line is often detected at the top of the palm, representing matters of the heart, emotional living, and attraction & love.

  • The short line can show that we can be intrigued by other things, rather than romance.
  • The long line shows that we express both of our romantic and emotional feelings very easily.
  • The wavy line shows that during our lifetime; we may have a lot of relationships, and a couple of them can be potentially serious!

The Head line:

This line lies just underneath the heart line, standing for the human beings’ mind and how it actually works. In general, this also involves creativity, intellectualism, and the amount of knowledge we are craving for.

What The Lines On Your Palm Mean
  • The short line reveals that we are very fond of physical accomplishments. Instead of staying at home and watching TV, we’d rather decide to go hiking or go out for a run.
  • The long line reveals that we are indeed focused and clear thinkers.
  • The wavy line reveals that we have a really short attention span, so it is not hard to understand why we often get distracted easily.

The Life line:

This line often begins at the edge of our palm above the thumb, and then arches downward to our wrist. It tends to indicate our overall health and well-being. It is a big mistake of thinking that a short life line means that we’re going to die soon!

  • The long and defined line unveils our inner strength and vitality.
  • The short and shallow line unveils that we might be easily manipulated and controlled by others around us, even they are strangers.
  • If there is any break in our Life line, this can implies a physical movement or even an important change in our lifestyle.